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At FalconX Security Services, we pride ourselves on being the premier security guard services company in Los Angeles. Our team comprises experienced Military Veterans who understand the significance of living in a peaceful environment. With professionals possessing extensive knowledge in security services, we bring military expertise to deliver high-quality, customized security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in the disciplined backgrounds of our team members, who have undergone rigorous military and law enforcement training in the security sector. This solid foundation enables us to provide top-tier security services even in emergency and panic situations.

At FalconX Security Services, our seasoned security guards recognize the critical importance of safeguarding people and their properties. That’s why each member of our team undergoes comprehensive training, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to effectively handle any situation. Whether it involves protecting commercial properties, events, or individuals, our well-trained security guards carry out each task in Los Angeles County or anywhere else in California with the utmost dedication and professionalism.

Safety Matters to Us! Ensure Your Safety with Our Reliable Security Guards Across All Regions of California

Secure Your Business and Property with FalconX Security Services

Your Security, Our Commitment 

Owned and Operated by Military Veterans

Owned and operated by Military Veterans, FalconX Security Services ensures disciplined leadership and a commitment to excellence in delivering high-quality security services.

Personalized Security Solutions

FalconX Security Services creates customized security plans to meet your unique security concerns, providing comprehensive protection for your property, assets, and personnel.

Experienced and Well-Trained Guards

Guards undergo rigorous training and possess extensive experience, offering a professional and competent security presence. Their backgrounds are thoroughly checked at the interviews.

Round-the-clock Dispatch Services

Our knowledgeable and experienced security guards offer 24/7 dispatch services to handle any situation promptly, ensuring constant vigilance and rapid response to security concerns.

Licensed, Insured, and Bonded

At FalconX Security Services, our well-trained security guards are fully licensed and insured, with bonding for comprehensive coverage. The insurance policy covers property damage, bodily injury, and more.

Short Term Security Services

FalconX Security Services offers short-term security services and allows our valuable customers to experience our exceptional security services without committing to long-term contracts.

Why Should You Choose FalconX Security Services in Los Angeles?


Experienced Military Veterans leading disciplined security services.


Customized security solutions for your specific needs.


Well-trained guards with extensive experience.


24/7 dispatch for immediate response.


Fully licensed, insured, and bonded guards.


Short-term security options with no long-term commitment.

FalconX Security Services

Explore Our Unparalleled Services

At FalconX Security Services, our vision is to be your trusted source for high-quality security services, driven by dedication, ambition, and professionalism. Our aim is to attract and keep the best talent in the industry, offering continuous training and adopting innovative technologies to provide unmatched security solutions.

Discover Our Offerings

At FalconX Security Services, we empower you to prioritize your family and business without worry. As our valued client, we provide comprehensive security guard services, complemented by a complimentary on-site security assessment. Our commitment to exceptional service quality has earned the trust of Los Angeles, California’s residents, leading to the expansion of our satisfied client base. Our remarkable journey revolves around enhancing safety, offering peace of mind, and delivering excellence in both residential and commercial security. Reach out to us today to enhance the security of your premises and ensure the safety and protection of you and your loved ones.






As the leader in home security, we can help you customize home security system to meet your safety needs.

Are You Still Searching for the Best Security Guard Company in Los Angeles?

In an insecure environment, constant threats endanger you and your loved ones. Safeguard your family, business, or property with Los Angeles’ premier security guard provider company. Whether in Los Angeles County or across California, FalconX Security Services offers dependable, experienced, and knowledgeable security guard services tailored to your needs.

Our security guard services company provides exceptional security services statewide, staffed by well-trained, highly experienced security guards. From armed and unarmed guards to fire watch services and onsite patrols with patrol vehicles, we offer comprehensive security solutions. Our team comprises dedicated Military Veterans committed to protecting businesses and organizations across California.

Established in 2023 by a former Military Veteran, FalconX Security Services has rapidly expanded nationwide. Our experienced team undergoes extensive training to meet our high standards of innovation, professionalism, and dedication. Trust in FalconX Security Services for value and peace of mind, backed by our commitment to exceptional service.

As one of Los Angeles’ most trusted security guard companies, we prioritize safety and satisfaction for both public and private sector clients. Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction through proactive service, continuous improvement, and rapid response.

Top Rated Security Services Company in Los Angeles

Years of Expertise in the Security Industry

Founded in 2023, our Military Veterans team gives assurance to safeguard your well-being and assets in Los Angeles and beyond.

Quick Emergency Response Time

Our experienced security guards are adaptable to emergency and panic situations and plan the course of action immediately to safeguard people in Los Angeles and other counties.

Customer-Focused Safety

We provide professional security guard services with well-trained guards, ensuring
round-the-clock safety for your valuable assets.

Building Strong Relationships with Customers

FalconX Security Services prioritizes protecting lives and properties in Los Angeles and across California. Trust us for comprehensive, affordable security solutions, ensuring peace of mind.

Adapt to Emergency Situations

We are the best security guard agency and dedicated to delivering highly qualified, adaptable security guards. Whether it's your business, community, or residence, count on our guards for safety.



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Premium Security Guards Services for Any Industry

FalconX Security Services takes pride in being the best security agency by safeguarding a wide variety of industries with our professional security guard services. We understand that different industries have unique security needs, and our experienced security guards showcase their expertise to meet our customers’ specific requirements. With a commitment to excellence and the challenges associated with different industries, we offer comprehensive security solutions in California, aiming to provide safety and peace of mind for businesses and organizations across various sectors.

At FalconX Security Services, our mission is to provide knowledgeable, licensed, and adaptable security guards to safeguard the people, assets, and properties of individuals residing in Los Angeles County or anywhere else in California. We take pride in serving various industries, maintaining an unwavering dedication to trust, confidence, and premium security guard services throughout Los Angeles. Whatever your industry, we possess the expertise and commitment to protect what matters most to you.

Our security capabilities and management efficiency enable us to be adaptable and scalable with the security plans that we customize and offer to our clients. During consultations, our specialized security experts analyze your unique security requirements and offer a customized plan tailored to your property. We prioritize individualized security over one-size-fits-all solutions, providing you with the perfect fit for your specific needs.

Contact us at (866-500-2050) for security services in California across the following industries:


FalconX Security Services takes great pride in offering the services of our dedicated Security guards in various regions across California.

Frequently Asked Questions

At FalconX Security Services, the best security agency, we specialize in a wide array of security services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our offerings include Armed Security Guards, Unarmed Security Guards, Vehicle Patrol Security Guards, and Standing Guards. Additionally, we provide Live Video Security Services, Foot, Bike, and Golf Patrol Services, as well as Fire Watch Services.

At FalconX Security Services, we ensure that all our security guards undergo thorough background checks, including reference verifications and database screenings. We are meticulous in our hiring process because we understand the importance of the individuals who represent our name and business. Moreover, we prioritize the safety of your business, home, or premises.
FalconX Security Services offers exceptional security solutions for short-term events at affordable prices. We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each client in Los Angeles, regardless of the duration.
We serve a diverse range of industries in Los Angeles County as well as all regions of California, including corporate, residential, retail, healthcare, event management, construction sites, government facilities, and educational institutions, as well as locations where there is a risk of danger.
FalconX Security Services ensures the reliability of its guards through an extensive selection process, including background checks, extensive training, and ongoing professional development. We prioritize hiring experienced and well-trained security guards to maintain the highest standards of security for our clients.

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    Have security concerns? We'll create customized plans to maximize your safety and peace of mind.


    For Over 1 Years, FalconX Security Services Has Been Protecting Businesses,
    Employees, Local Communities, and Loved Ones

    We hired FalconX Security Services for two separate occasions. The first was for my annual event called Shimmy Shakedown. It’s a dance production that includes workshops, a Competition Show and Gala Show. We were very impressed by their professionalism and effectiveness. Their team ensured a seamless event from start to finish and they allowed our guests to enjoy the event without any concerns. Thank you for the great communication and working with us, our guests and artists were also pleased with the assistance and safety measures. The second event was for a birthday celebration held in an upscale venue. The guards are professionally trained and made us all feel at ease. We definitely will hire FalconX for our next event.
    Ikram Mtz
    Ikram Mtz
    Exceptionally professional and prompt service, they exceeded my expectations and went the extra mile during my emergency situation. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Don't settle for anything less than the best. Thank you for everything, and we will definitely be using your services again
    farid popal
    farid popal
    I highly recommend FalconX Security Services. Their team comprises extensively trained professionals who are dedicated to ensuring client and customer satisfaction. They offer cost-effective solutions without compromising reliability. With round-the-clock availability, they are always prepared and responsive.
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